TUGTUGAN SESSION NA! Part 2: “Bisita Iglesia”

No, you didn’t miss part 1.  Let me just state for the record that as you read this blog, keep in mind that there is an article prequel which you must read first (a blog by I.D.O.4. drummer, Jake Jayme) to find out how this Bisita Iglesia activity of I.D.O.4. came about.

 March 8, 2014 was a sunny Saturday morning.  Our heads were still spinning from the new music overload just a week ago, but we’re kind of giddy to be pushing through with the onsite rehearsals and back story recording that we need to accomplish within 1 day, hitting 2 satellite churches. The morning visitation was scheduled for Bustos and the afternoon was for Malolos.  But I will proceed first with the acknowledgment of brethren who are instrumental for making this happen because glimpses of these behind the scenes photos to complete the backstory for our March 23 Church Anniversary are better told by the key people from I.D.O.4.  So, shout out to Vic, Chuking, Tricia and Sheena!  Thank you, guys!


And so here are the photos captioned with remarks from I.D.O.4.:

Admin Leslie Santos (Worship Leader): “I had so much fun!  Mejo naligaw kame going to Bustos pero it was worth all the wait and effort to find the place.  Bustos and Malolos brethren were so accommodating, warm and equally excited with our visit. Ramdam ko yung kaba nila nung una pero as the rehearsal went on, naging palagay na sila samin.  Both the local teams have the potentiality to be good in their craft. Ang sasarap ng food at talagang pinaghandaan nila – salamat talaga sa experience na yun…We are truly looking forward to worship the Lord with them on our Anniversary.”

Ludwig Santos (Lead Vocals): “It was a very fun experience for me trying to reach out to other music ministers, working together to make the song more beautiful and singable, knowing that there are other people who share the same passion as we do.”

Jake Jayme (Percussions): “I’m blessed to be part of the visitation and to know more not just their songs but also on how they composed 2 of my fave praise songs, ‘Superstar’ and ‘Laging Sa ‘Yo’.  They may have different stories but all of them have the same heart on how to give back to Jesus all the glory through their compositions. Nagenjoy ako makipag-jam sa kanila especially sa 2 drummers – si Bro. Isaac and JC kasi pareho silang teachable and willing to learn the improvements to their songs…”



Ronald Dio (Back-up Vocals): “So thankful and privileged na maging part ng visitation team. Na-feel ko joy nila, yung heartwarming welcome and eagerness nila to serve God even when there are changes to be made.”



Weily Santos (Lead Vocals): “It was a lovely experience, joining  the music ministry of our satellite churches, sessions like that were very rare to happen that’s why even though I don’t feel well that day, I pushed myself to be there, and I didn’t regret doing it because indeed it was worth it.”



Michelle Salem (Back-up Vocals): “Even if we are miles apart ramdam mo that we have the same faith, the same spirit and the same God, very loving, appreciative, humble, very genuine etc. Pero po sa totoo lang po I cannot spell the words to express how much they loved the main church. God bless senyo!”



William Orlain (Guitar):  “Last Saturday’s experience with 2 of our satellite churches was great since it’s the 1st time we rehearsed with them…ok din kase it’s one way of bridging the gap between the main church & our extension churches, para mafeel nila yung belongingness sa worship team since co-ministers tayo and parehas lang worshipers or the other way around kase meron din sa kanila na excited makasama o makajam ang main church lalo na sa ganitong mga event at the same time makapag-impart kami ng kung ano mang help ang mai-extend namin either sa technical or kung saan man kami area makakatulong or makakapagshare ng knowledge  sa mga co-workers natin..it was fun din na makahalubilo iba’t ibang personality pero yung warm welcome naman na binigay nila satin & pag-accommodate pati yung fellowshipping are few of the things na maaalala natin sa kanila…& if given a chance na magkaroon ulit ng ganoong visit, I’d be glad & happy to join.”