TUGTUGAN SESSION NA! Part 1: MusicFest Night

There’s another date that made it to the history of JCTGBTG Church!  The idea first made its way as Admin. Leslie’s interest to exhibit the satellite churches’ original Christian music composition through an event that will be called “Touchdown”.  Since the year 2005, she had always wanted to hold an occasion showcasing the innate and hidden talent of satellite worship teams in composing new songs.

Years later, February 21, 2014 is now recorded as the date when our historical MusicFest has materialized. Almost 5 hours of sound tripping that cool night at St. Louie’s Park Rooftop resulted to an overflow of good music in a variety of genres.

What should be a very refreshing narration can only come from a blogger outside the bounds of the organizers’ point of view but that blogger should also be credible and familiar enough to be within the bounds of the I.D.O.4. culture.  An individual from the I.D.O.4. band was challenged to exert a different effort by way of blogging to somehow compensate for the satellite churches’ major efforts in sharing their new songs. Surprisingly, he reverted to me with good results within 24 hours.

After reading his blog, share with us your thoughts on who the blogger is using the hash tag #MF2, and I’m sure you will also be equally surprised when we reveal who he is.

 Enough of the prelude. Moving Forward, here’s his take on the MusicFest:

“What I witnessed was an event where all the original Christian songs created by the different satellite churches were presented. I was privileged to know that there were 10 songs that had qualified as part of the Praise and Worship segment to be held on our church’s 28th anniversary and that the other 5 equally preferred songs will be included in the 5th album of I.D.O.4. One of the things that I liked about the MusicFest is the idea of containing all the judges inside a tent where they can only hear the music but cannot be influenced by the stage performance. They cannot see the performers and all of their comments and suggestions were only based on what they have heard.

 Before the night of the event, I was curious as to how the MusicFest will progress. Who are the presenters? How many entries will there be? My thoughts were endless.  As the night wore on, all the questions in my mind were answered. The answers were far beyond my expectations. Various satellite church worship teams played 45 originally made songs in different genres and for me, all of the songs are beautiful and soul uplifting. The place was packed with fellow musicians like me and it feels great to be surrounded with brethren who speak the same language as I do, being in the same ministry of our respective churches. Lyrics can be grasped easily and it was even amusing that some of the lyrics I heard were colloquial. I’m not familiar with chords if what they used were basic or not, but I liked the resulting melodies nonetheless.  Some of the songs may not bear the perfect harmonious arrangement between the vocals and the accompaniment but all of the songs have a heartbeat.  As I listen to each composition, I can’t help but cross my fingers and wish that the judges will pick the same songs that I think was the bests out of all the 45 songs.


The idea of hosting a music festival is great! Although there were some loopholes that needed improvement, overall, the event ran smoothly.  I know that it was inspired by God but I would like to give credit to all brethren that made it possible. Kudos to the panel of judges consisting of Admin Leslie, Kuya Ludwig, Sis. Weily, Sis. Michelle and Bro Jeremiah who all shared their tactful comments and constructive suggestions. Most of all, big thanks to all the satellite church worship teams who participated.

 Lastly, congratulations to our fellow worship teams whose songs made it to the line-up of our 28th anniversary and our soon to be released album. I’ll see you on March 15 and 19 for our rehearsals!”

Editor’s note: #MFis the hash tag that represents the Anniversary Theme entitled Move Forward with its March 23 program featuring the MusicFest results.

Editor’s “revelation”: Bro. Jake Jayme is the writer of this blog. Surprised? Don’t be.