_MG_3677I.D.O.4. will always play a meaningful part in the lives of the church members, communities and the world. They are devoted in spreading the gospel through music. Years of serving God were not enough. There is still a lot to be done before they become worthy of Him. But they commit themselves in the continuous quest for soul-winning, praising and worshiping in a dynamic and ever changing world.

Questions & Answers:

How long have you been playing as a band?
The band exists for almost thirty years now. The team
started in 1988 with the name, Tidings of Praise.
This was also the year when the first concert was
held at the Trinity College Gym, led by Ms. Leslie Santos

How many members are you in the team?
Around 50 members, Composed of our worship leader,
Ms. Leslie Santos; band, vocals, choir and conductress.
The choir is further subdivided into the female and male melodies,
altos and the tenors

How often do you meet for practices?
Twice a week for regular church services
that cater to both our technical and
spiritual trainings. Our Saturday
rehearsals include our devotion, where
we are molded to be loving, disciplined,
submissive, humble, helpful and prayerful
servants of our mighty God.

What are your qualifications for aspiring
worship team applicants?
Applicants are required to undergo auditions.
New members will then complete a 3-month up to one year
training or when deemed prepared to join the team on the platform.