The Infinite Devotion Of 4 (I.D.O.4)

about admin“Our Worship Team knows the unrelenting fact that there exists far more skilled singers and band players who can obviously perform better than us. Thus, it is not the idea of parading God-given gifts to the crowd on that momentous night which excites everyone, but the expectation of being able to worship the Lord amidst His own congregation- without any form.

I.D.O.4. will simply guide the people to worship in all truths and with His Spirit. We are simply an instrument whereby the Lord JESUS saving grace and mercy are able to reach out to those who are truly seeking for the reason why they live.

We ourselves are eager to focus on Him on each song, to make Him known to everyone while we clap and dance, to hace our hearts melt as He gently passes among us…”

Leslie Sy Santos
Worship Leader, I.D.O.4


I.D.O.4.” or “Infinite Devotion Of 4” is a locally grown band cultivated in the spiritual teachings of its home church, JESUS CHRIST To God Be The Glory Church International. The band’s name was a result of a pact made amongst the children of the church’s founder and head pastor, Bishop Luis R. Santos; namely, Leslie, Ludwig, Wiglie, and Weily, who all play vital roles in propagating the band’s uplifting music. I.D.O.4. translates to their unified pledge that together, they will forever devote their time and energy in serving God.

Along with their teammates, they forged ahead as a group of talented, God-glorifying people leading the congregation into true worship. The band had its humble beginning as “Tidings of Praise” from 1988-2003. In 2004, their name was modified more suitably into Infinite Devotion. Its meaning suggests: infinite – boundless or endless; devotion – strong affection, great love, loyalty, dedication to a purpose. The band’s turning point happened on the same year when consequently, their 2004 annual concert marked the beginning of overwhelming successes, thus giving birth to I.D.O.4.

What separated I.D.O.4. from other bands is their devotion that is not limited to just perfecting their craft in worshiping God through music, but it even goes beyond it. They are also devoted to work for Project G-CCOTE which is the banner project of JESUS CHRIST To God Be The Glory Church International. Project GCCOTE aims to produce funds and material resources to propagate the Gospel, to build and maintain the Church Center, to refresh funds for our Operation Tulong, and to establish an infrastructure for Education.

With these core purposes taken into heart, I.D.O.4. breezes through church gatherings, weekly rehearsals, recordings, and conducting occasional conferences and workshops as lightly as a walk in the park amidst their busy schedules. The band is also aware that God requires their devotion, on and off the platform. While the “Proper Preparation” that this team entails to do is hidden from the observing eyes of the public, they firmly believe that this does not escape the eyes of their Creator. This preparation involves complete submission and untiring service before God and men. Just like other Christian groups, I.D.O.4. also heeds to an important mission that is to be able to impart through music, a heart-changing, faith boosting, spirit-uplifting, and life-transforming anointing and conviction that pierce the heart and soul of all people who hear their songs of praise and worship.

As a worship team, I.D.O.4. strives to have the spirit of excellence – which for them is a purpose that sustains. Remarkably, they are all willing to do whatever it takes just to break through. It will not be easy because they know it requires “a long standing and enduring obedience in the same direction”. Until then, they will have to live up to the will of the Lord to ensure a living legacy, for they were changed to bring on a powerful change…