“Tale of the Tape”: Olongapo and Cavite Concert Tours

I have been blogging on my mind but I was not able to transcribe this into writing until today. It’s amazing how the feeling is extracted freshly from the heart and mind when one is expressing how awesome and rewarding it is to work for our Lord Jesus


Enough digressing, allow me to share my thoughts on the success of the past two concert tours. Note that when I borrowed the term “Tale of the Tape”, I didn’t say Olongapo “vs.” Cavite. I used “and”. It’s because the Kingdom of God grows by addition, not by comparison. With all gladness, let’s appreciate the below table:


Results showed lots of 7’s, huh? Coincidentally,(or was it more likely planned by God?) the morning of May 1 before I.D.O.4.and the Technical Production group hurried to Cavite, we were all ears on the topic preached by Bishop Luis R. Santos during the Sunday Service held at Cuneta Astrodome. The preaching was entitled “Level 7”. Does number matter? Nah, but it’s nice to know the numbers because this way, we’re counting our blessings…and when we count, bear in mind that one soul is worth more than the entire world. To back this up, I recall this verse from the Bible which says: “there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”


Yes, I’m smiling and nodding while realizing these things. The experience from these tours, starting from the weird movies we watched on board along NLEX and SCTEX, including the dinner near the beach of Subic where the food disappeared in a blink of an eye (parang rapture) and the funny photo shoots were just some of the details I could share. The concert was not without its technical difficulties though. Jesus has heard the muted songs and shouts of praise and had seen the dance offering despite insufficient reddish lights. We know this for a fact because He worked gracefully on the hearts of the guests. How could He not when there is such thirst for His presence? There was a random family who attended the Olongapo concert “by chance”. They saw a promotional streamer, searched I.D.O.4. in YouTube, attended the concert and the rest is a salvation story. In Cavite, one of our videographers witnessed how several wiped their tears even when the concert has barely started. The hearts were already moved by the VTR concert introduction during the portion where Admin. Leslie Santos said: “He pulled me up” (a clip from the 2004 concert).

The mission of salvation being completed by I.D.O.4.through this concert tour will continue to resonate. Share the experience with us as we climb our way up North on May 20, 2011, 5:30 p.m. at Baguio Convention Center! Cool!