Taking the Lead




Anyone who is familiar with the Tondo reputation during the earlier times might consider a Pastor born in that area as an absurd idea. God, however, having the most vivid sight of the future, was already crafting a very exceptional man, without anyone knowing.

This exceptional man is no other than LUIS RUIZ SANTOS, the Bishop and founder of JESUS CHRIST TO GOD BE THE GLORY CHURCH INTERNATIONAL, INC. Louie, as he is fondly called, was born on October 10, in Tondo, Manila. He is the youngest of the nine children of Mr. Conrado Santos and Mrs. Eliza Ruiz Santos.

He took up his primary and secondary education at the Tomas Remegio Elementary School and Mapua Institute of Technology, respectively. His college days were spent at the University of the East where he pursued Business Administration, major in Marketing.

Even before entering college, he already was a business oriented person. While other teenagers are busy loafing around, he can be seen driving for his father as a means of earning a few Pesos and later on, got himself into selling clothes to neighbors and friends. Aside from his obvious knack for business, he is also a natural when it comes to music.

He was just seven years old when his musical ability was first noticed, but it was during the early 1960′s when he formally engaged into a band, which they named “SPOTNIKS COMBO“. As a gifted musician and vocalist who can harmonize and play major musical instruments such as percussions, guitars, and keyboards, and one who can easily provide directions and ideas, he stood as the band’s leader while being an all-around performer. The band’s performances went as far as Okinawa, Japan.

Then in 1970, he married Norma Modelo Sy, a Chinese mestiza. They were blessed with four (4) children namely – Leslie, Ludwig, Wiglie, and Weily. Having a family gave him a different perspective in life. He gave up his musical career in order to secure a more stable job. He worked as a salesman at 7-UP BOTTLING CORPORATION but having the initiative and the urge to earn more for the growing needs of his family, he decided to put up a garments company with the help of his wife. The first company they established was named WIGLIES GARMENTS MANUFACTURING. The success of this business brought about another company called LUDWIG ENTERPRISES, which was a marketing firm of yarn and knitted fabrics.

When their businesses were still at its peak in the year 1984, they finally became more sensitive to God’s calling and heeded to it. However, walking the path of Christianity did not necessarily mean a bump-free road. The difference is that they can decode God’s will through trials set before them. While being at their best efforts to become good Christians, God had an even higher mission for them to fulfill. The couple suffered from nervous breakdown but instead of questioning God, they have correctly deciphered this as His unique way of tapping them to serve Him on a full-time basis. And so nine (9) years after being called to be Born-Again Christians, they officially terminated all their business operations and served as full-time Pastors of JESUS CHRIST TO GOD BE THE GLORY FELLOWSHIP, INC., which was founded in December 1985. Louie was ordained Pastor on March 1986, and was ordained Bishop on December 1998 by Rev. Bishop Antonio R. Gallemit Sr.

Bishop Luis R. Santos’ pastoral ministry now runs on its 29th year, shepherding an average of more than 8,000 members in the main church alone. On top of that, he personally manages JESUS CHRIST TO GOD BE THE GLORY CHURCH INTERNATIONAL, INC.‘s one hundred fifty-five (155) extension churches nationwide and thirty-nine (39) churches overseas. He can be seen passionately preaching during Sunday Services held at Cuneta Astrodome or at Quezon City Memorial Circle which is then aired through a television program entitled “FRIENDS AGAIN” seen on Studio 23 every Sunday, 5:00am to 6:00am. In addition to these, he also facilitates the Achievers’ Business Club (ABC) Seminars conducted every month where his expertise in business is integrated with the Word of God.

His life of servitude to God has truly inspired a great number of people both locally and internationally. His untiring labor helped many lost and searching souls to find their way back to their Creator and to rekindle their relationship with Jesus.

The existence of Bishop Luis R. Santos is meant to inspire and to serve as a fresh iteration on why we should be once more grateful to God for His brilliant idea of appointing him as our Pastor.



Exceptional sense of responsibility. These words best describe PASTORA NORMA SY SANTOS. Perhaps being the eldest amongst the children of Mr. Santos Sy and Mrs. Rosalinda Modelo Sy groomed her to become the reliable person she is now. But that’s not all, take a closer look at Pastora Norma Modelo Sy Santos, the assistant Pastor of JESUS CHRIST TO GOD BE THE GLORY CHURCH INTERNATIONAL, INC.

Norma was born on October 11, grew up in Sampaloc, Manila and spent her adolescence in Tondo, where she met her future husband, Louie (who is now Bishop Luis R. Santos). Her primary education was completed at a Chinese School, EXCOWHN Elementary School then she moved to CHIANG KAI SHEK where she finished High School in the year 1966. For her Bachelor’s Degree in Science, she enrolled at the University of the East and studied for one (1) year. She was then offered to work as a secretary at HANFORD PHILS., Inc. and was their loyal employee for eight (8) years from the period of 1966 to 1974. It was in DYNAFIT MANUFACTURING ENTERPRISES where she became a manager for three (3) years.

In 1970, she married Louie and became the mother of four beautiful children, namely – Leslie, Ludwig, Wiglie, and Weily. She juggled her roles easily as a mother, wife and a business partner to Louie. The husband and wife tandem resulted to successful businesses called WIGLIES GARMENTS MANUFACTURING and LUDWIG ENTERPRISES. But their successful careers didn’t entail a perfect, happy married life at all.

They underwent marital conflicts and both incurred nervous breakdowns. Little did they know that what seemed to be a series of unfortunate events during their earlier married life was actually a blessing in disguise because it turned out that their stormy paths were bound towards a newly found relationship with Jesus. This relationship started in the year 1984 and bloomed beautifully when they have agreed to become full-time Pastors of JESUS CHRIST TO GOD BE THE GLORY FELLOWSHIP, INC. in the year 1993.

She has been a supportive wife ever since and this was further proven even in their ministerial missions. Currently, Pastora Norma Modelo Sy Santos is working hand-in-hand with Bishop Luis Ruiz Santos in carrying out the tasks laid out for them as Senior Pastors of the Church and most importantly, as ministers of God. She actively facilitates the Prayer Warrior activities of the church held every Thursday, from 9:00am to 2:00pm at Church Center Gilgal and from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at Quezon City Circle Covered Court.

Her life has been an inspiration to many, especially to women. She is truly a woman of faith – oftentimes showing extraordinary patience and serenity despite trials and distresses. Her words of wisdom serve as encouragement to the faint-hearted and her pretty smile always reflects an exuberant spirit that never fails to make lasting pleasant impression to everyone she meets.


Admin Leslie Sy Santos,  is the administrator of JESUS CHRIST TO GOD BE THE GLORY CHURCHadmin INTERNATIONAL, INC., the worship leader of I.D.O.4, and a mother to a very endearing and pretty baby Air. Leslie steers the overall functional, technical and events management of the entire church, keeping an eye on both its local and international affairs. She has been mightily used by God to transform and bring about significant changes and advancement, not only to the worship team, but the church as a whole. A visionary and strong leader, she continually strives to pull the team beyond its limits to bring glory to God by being character-based and by putting on excellence in all aspects and circumstances. It can be said that this woman is an ambassador of the spiritual and physical advancement of the church, boldly facing the challenges of solving conflicts head on and ensuring that the Church is up on its toes with spirit-filled and fun activities while maintaining order in the administrative arm.

She is a graduate of a business course at UST and has been running her own industrial business wherein she had provided employment to many people for the past 10 years. Being very talented and intellectual are not what made her special as those are just icing on the cake. What made her close to the congregation is her heart which is fully committed to serving and loving God.



b.lud_Ludwig Santos is a bible teacher, married to Racquel and is a father of two beautiful children, namely, Zildjian and Porsche. Despite running his businesses and fulfilling the role of a family man, he is also the assistant leader of I.D.O.4., a lead vocalist and a gifted drummer. Aside from this, he facilitates some projects of the Church being assigned to him by his eldest sister.  He is indeed a pledged leader with a servant’s heart.






bro-wiglieWiglie Santos is someone whose passion for God is most vividly expressed through his love for music. He is an all-around musician with superb talent in playing the strings, not to mention a gifted composer. He is the main keyboard player of I.D.O.4. and a number of the band’s hits were his contributions. While he is a UST graduate of Music, he solely used this education to hone his talent in serving the Lord. Wiglie is an unfeigned musician and worshipper to the very soul.





a.wei_Weily Santos, the youngest of the Santos siblings is the church’s Yupper & Nugen group leader, who also effectively assists her eldest sister in the church administration. She is a delightful combination of talents, having graduated with a business degree and completed her culinary course. Together with the Yupper &  Nugen core group, she organizes events and projects that will encourage and refresh the youth of the church. She is a power vocalist of the I.D.O.4. band and a heart-felt composer. A totally amicable lady dedicated to channel her talents towards God.