Moog Ko

The stage is set.

The curtains are drawn.

I could only begin to feel their emotions running high as the sound of drums filled the coliseum. It has been four long years since the members of JESUS CHRIST TO GOD BE THE GLORY CHURCH INT’L had last set foot at the Araneta for yet another soul-winning concert. The long wait was finally over, and the night of December 11, 2014 was forever etched in our hearts.

In their separate moments when ID04’s musicians and vocalists entered the stage, I can see and feel that their faces were all hopeful that all those grueling months of practice would pay off.

They looked determined. It was the kind of determination that can be seen, if not felt right from where each one of us in the audience stood. I can also sense that the worship leader, Admin Leslie Santos knew in herself the gravity of the responsibility entrusted to her by God. She was to lead the whole congregation into worship, to let those broken, those lost, and those in need of comfort be touched by the Holy Spirit and be prepared to take in God’s Word reserved at the latter part of the program.

With microphone in hand, she took her place on the stage along with the worship team behind her. The C-cube dancers also took their spots. They formed as front-liners of battle, ready to fight. In sync, the musicians played their first notes, the vocalists their first lyrics, the dancers their first steps.

The crowd sung, it was a joyful song.

The night has begun.

The concert breezed through like a well-oiled machine confirming that all those months of preparation paid off. It was perfect. From the choice of songs, to the lighting and stage effects, to the design, up to the graphics shown on the LED screens, everything moved smoothly. All those who had been part of this event all made an excellent Class A “Abel Offering”.

Suddenly the lights went out. The speakers that once brought music from every microphone and electronic instruments to the crowd, failed. A strange orange-yellow light flickered at the back of the stage flashing graphic like patterns unto the backdrop. Those situated close enough could hear crackling sounds, and those even closer knew what it actually was. There was a commotion looming like a lion stalking its prey. Yet somehow everyone who knew remained unmoved, that seemingly they thought that it was all part of the show or that they knew God would move and put the fire out. There was a fire in the backstage due to a power overload and yet they continued singing their praises unto God. It was dim, with only the fire as a source of light.

Surprisingly, as if it were practiced, as if everyone knew this would happen, the crowd pulled out their mobile devices and used it to illuminate the whole arena, waving them in motion.

The crowd sung, “Amazing Love” over and over, it was a hopeful song.

The night did not end.

As expected, God indeed moved, the fire was out and the concert continued on.

The Church’s founder, Bishop Louie R. Santos took the stage showing that he also knew the gravity of his responsibility as entrusted to him by God. And that is to lead the whole congregation into enlightenment so that the broken, the lost, the ones in need of comfort will be touched by the Holy Spirit as God’s Word touched their hearts.

More than 300 souls were baptized in Jesus Name.

The stage has been set.

The worshipping and praising continued to linger.

The curtains closed.

God gave the concert’s title, “MOOG KO” a whole new meaning. Psalm 91:7 says, “A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.”