I count the days when I see Your face
When I tell myself that it’s over
I grope in the dark
Searching for the spark
Of the light that is now slowly fading

I can’t believe I’ve come this far
But still ache to go back
And the cross I carry inside
Made me liquefied

I close my eyes in the middle of night
In the hush of dawn flowin’ the tears in my eyes
‘Cause I’m melting, Oh I’m melting
My heart’s so crushed and my faith is drowning
I hold on to Your Word, Lamp upon my feet
The only thing I need

Lord, forgive me now, for my faithless cry
For a mind so full of desperation
Trying to lay me aside
In Your Will delight
I want to see Your purpose stand

I can’t believe I’ve reached this far
And there’s no turning back
All the pains that burn inside
Now are liquefied

(repeat chorus 3x)