Konnichiwa Fukuyama! (Hello Fukuyama!)

More than 2 decades ago, one of the Church Elders (now a Satellite Pastor in New York) dreamt of the worship team riding in a plane. Years after, other brethren also had the same dream. On August 11, 2011, that dream became a reality and I.D.O.4. was aboard Philippine Airlines’ Airbus Flight PR408…

At the onset of 2011, our Church Administrator and I.D.O.4. Worship Leader, Ms. Leslie Santos had a meeting with Bishop Luis Santos, the Elders and Satellite Pastors resulting to the decision of holding monthly concert tours commencing at Pampanga with Japan included in the list. By March, before the first concert tour was held, a devastating tragedy struck Japan. After the earthquake and tsunami, rumors of radiation spreading throughout Japan were sensationalized thus inducing more fear to people. By this time, pursuing the concert there seemed fuzzy and was even temporarily removed from all promotional materials.

Months after, everything changed. Negative rumors died down, the trip was reviewed and the Japan concert was good to go! When I.D.O.4. began with the visa processing, we just submitted everything to the will of God. Two (2) weeks after the applications were lodged at the Japanese embassy and when all eighteen (18) applications got approved, we instantly recognized that God’s purpose in Japan is ripe for the taking. God is truly amazing!

On August 11, the dream was actualized step by step. Our plane touched down Kansai International Airport and we knew right there and then that God’s hand moved…as we passed through immigration smoothly and rode our bus exactly on schedule.


As the praise and worship event drew nearer, many obstacles came but we just navigated our way over it. We thought that there would be language barriers especially in the technical production group, but God eliminated it.


The whole event ran smoothly and without difficulty, with an attendance of almost three hundred (300). KONNICHIWA FUKUYAMA! Thirty eight (38) souls were baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Glory to God!


On our way back home, we learned from our Satellite Church Pastor in Hiroshima, Ptra. Josefina Abrazaldo, that another Christian group planned to hold a similar concert but was denied of their visas. They were fewer than us, but God has given our church a huge divine favor.

God gave the vision, God executed His plan and purpose…He is truly awesome and works in marvelous ways we cannot be able to comprehend…

To our brethren in Japan and to all who attended and supported the praise and worship night, Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita! ありがとうございました

Trust God and be blessed always!