I.D.O.4. Session Delights @ Baguio Satellite!

Nope, the title of my blog does not necessarily refer to the ice cream shop called Session Delights located along Session Road in Baguio. It’s just that there were so many delightful experiences we’ve had starting from Day 1 of I.D.O.4.’s stay in Baguio that I can’t help but use “Session Delights”. On second thought, “delightful” is not even an adjective that comes close to this experience…but I don’t need to change the title, right? What I do need is Reinforcement as my blog alone would not do justice to describe the overwhelming sensation and so I’ve captured some of the FB statuses in my network. Stalker mode is on! The promotion was so bongga. Posters and streamers were everywhere. I.D.O.4. even had media guesting via Love Radio 95.1 and ABS-CBN TV3 Baguio’s morning show“Naimbag nga Morning Kapamilya”




Baguio Satellite brethren are the paragon when it comes to the display of support, excitement and eager anticipation of an impending Christian victory in propagating the Gospel



I.D.O.4. Baguio Concert Tour is a sure hit that even outside the Philippines, one sister is caught longing to be in Baguio for this event:

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The Hospitality (with a capital H) of Baguio Satellite is the awesomest! The whole workforce — I.D.O.4.Worship Team, Technical Production Group and Admin staff were accommodated at Asian Traveler’s Inn and had the best “no lapse” meals catered by Gablets. They even hosted the group’s summer outing at Baguio’s finest places like PMA grounds and Mines View Park


The concert date was on May 20, 2011, a Friday afternoon. Despite the heavy downpour, Baguio Convention Center was filled with approximately 2,400 attendees resulting from invitations of Baguio Satellite’s congregation having a population of about 390. In my book, let me just state that this is the most exhilarating concert tour we’ve had so far. The devotion conducted by Pastor Roddy Veneracion before the concert already signified victory. The technical aspect was epic – from sound quality to L.E.D. and projector screen output up to the lighting effects. For the record, as a person working in the Tech Prod group, it is hard for us to get lost in worship especially that we have to concentrate on our tasks throughout the duration of the concert. Surprisingly, my tears flowed when the I.D.O.4. Santos siblings namely, Sis.Leslie, Bro. Ludwig and Sis. Weily began their simple remarks before each of their songs where their voices cracked as they hold their tears from being touched by the Holy Spirit. I grabbed the chance to worship freely like the rest of the attendees that night. Did I mention that Baguio Satellite’s Pastor Roddy Veneracion and Pastora Annabel Veneracion got the best surprise of ‘em all? Bishop Luis Santos, Pastora Norma Santos together with Bro. Wiglie Santos and the Elders made a 5-hour trip from Quezon City to Baguio for the sole purpose of attending the concert and then drove back to Quezon City the same night. Cool, huh? Then the ultimate result of the concert was revealed to us, the report: 134 newbies were baptized in Jesus’ name


Maybe the reason why all I.D.O.4.concerts are successful is because we all know that God alone can make it work…that’s why we are accustomed to surrendering everything to Him:


But do you know what’s unique about the Baguio Concert Tour? Our Baguio satellite brethren aimed for their very own “KFC Double Down Sandwich” where everything about the concert from the songs to promotions and technicalities were taken merely as contents pinched in between two goals – Soul Winning and Soul Strengthening.

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