Day One

First Monday of August. We have officially commenced our rehearsals for the upcoming I.D.O.4. concert. After the victorious One God Music Conference held last June and July (speaking of which, we thank all of the participants for your full support, we hope to see you next conference :] ), we’re headed to the major endeavor of the team this year. The song lineup is already laid out and all of the sections (band, vocals, and choir) have begun doing their separate practice sessions. Everybody’s excited of how God will once again move and minister to His people because year on year, the Lord worked magnificently distinct in the previous concerts.

During the rainy night of August 2, Sis. Leslie, our worship leader, run through three (3) songs with the vocals and made adjustments to the arrangement and dynamics. We were moving on with the lineup comparatively fast until the fourth song. There were several breaks and stops and we were really having a hard time making a “justifiable output” out of the song; then the Lord spoke to us. Sis. Leslie exhorted on the lyrics of the song making the vocals understand that we must be able to “live” the message of the song even before we sing it during worship services and before the concert. She said that even though we acquire the best voice and the best harmony, but do not “do” what we “sing” especially to God, the song will turn out plain and powerless. We wrapped up the practice and instead prayed to the Lord and meditated on the lesson that we’ve learned.

We’ll give you another sneak peek of what’s behind the practices. Next up: band and choir. We hope you’d regularly check our page and share it to your friends and loved ones. Invite them to Araneta Coliseum on December 9, 2010. We’ll keep you posted on the preparations, commercials and other details. We will also be launching several premium items aside from shirts and baller ID’s.

The proceeds of all the initiatives of I.D.O.4. benefits Project G-CCOTE which stands for Gospel, Church Center, Operation Tulong and Education. Right now, aside from concert rehearsals, our leader and Church Administrator, Sis. Leslie Santos, spearheads the three major divisions of Operation Tulong: GCCOTE-Achievers Livelihood and Training Assistance Program (LTAP), GCCOTE-Yupper Community Health And Development Outreach Program (CHADOP) and GCCOTE-Nugen Children Community Outreach Program (CCOP). Backing her up are her siblings, Bro. Ludwig and Sis. Weily, who leads the Yupper and Nugen programs respectively. For more info on this, visit www.gccote.org

God bless you always, to God be the glory!