Concert 2010: 2nd Installment

Finally, the official teaser for the upcoming concert on December 9, 2010 at the Araneta Coliseum has been launched. By God’s grace, we had an early onset of promotions this year and soon after, we’ll be seeing the posters, stickers and billboard signage including special edition I.D.O.4. shirts, baseball caps, baller IDs and jackets. All the proceeds of this event will go directly to Project G-CCOTE which stands for Gospel, Church Center, Operation Tulong and Education. For more information on this initiative, please visit its official website, www.gccote.org.

IDO4 Concert 2010 Teaser

Our worship leader, Sis. Leslie Santos has recently arrived from church visits to Osaka, Japan and Singapore together with Bishop Luis Santos and Pastora Norma Santos where they held seminars for Encouragers Level 1 and One God Worship. A lot of our brethren were thankful for said the visit and are hoping for another set of seminars by next year. Aside from this, Sis. Leslie is also diligently engaging the GCCOTE-Achievers LTAP, GCCOTE-Yupper CHADOP and GCCOTE-Nugen CCOP in various outreach activities, in addition to handling the worship team and running the church administration.

Due to unpredictable weather conditions, we are again challenged by our usual dilemma: heavy floods. Just recently, we had to cancel separate practices for dance, choir and band because of flooding. This was one of the reasons why our vocal practice was relocated to ensure that we won’t miss our timeline in establishing new vocal arrangements.

During one of the choir practices, the choir members were surprised when they were requested to sing individually. Each of them was anxious for their turn. Adding in to the surprise was the inclusion of a member to join the choir in the platform for Sunday worship Services. After completing the evaluation, two more trainees will be expected to step up as well.

The band had polished some transitions in the line-up and had revised the musical arrangements of some I.D.O.4. songs. We have recorded two revised songs during sound check last Sunday which will be subjected under the review by an arranger.

Another challenge we are facing is the news about the dengue outbreak which affected one of our band members. We’re continually praying for his immediate recovery. We know that more challenges will come our way but God is always able and faithful.

It’s roughly 90 days before crunch time and we are hoping that we’d still meet our timelines.

Tickets will be released soon! Watch out for further announcements as we’ll be posting the link where you can purchase the tickets.

Until our next blog. God bless you always and to God be the glory!

***here are some snapshots on what’s happening during our practices…take a look =) ****


Sis. Leslie coaches the three male vocals during one of our practices


choir practice: Sis. Michelle listens to the alto part of the song Diyos Ay Tapat


C-Cube and Vocals dance workshop

“As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him.”- Psalm 18:30