A Recap Of One God Music Conference 2010


In a passionate effort to show the ropes on how to engage the people of God into true worship, Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory Church International’s homegrown worship team I.D.O.4. has become a seasoned host to many “inter-fellowships” with the various worship teams of JCTGBTG satellite and extension churches. But for the first time in a very long time, I.D.O.4. was privileged to orchestrate a full-fledged conference that highlighted the basic understanding of a worship group’s role in relation to its own Team, its home Church, Pastor and God. Held in Kowloon House Restaurant last June 11, 2010, the “One God Music Conference” can be considered as I.D.O.4.’s major initiative to a serious endeavor. It is the aim of this conference to unify the various worship teams of JCTGBTG’s local satellites by eliminating indifferences and inculcating loyalty to Gospel songs which carry opportunities for our salvation doctrine as propelled by One God believers. Having known that the ultimate result is to bring out God’s plan for the whole of Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory Church, all of the Pastors, Church Leaders and Music Ministers expressed eager interest on the said event.

During the first half of the program, attendees were gathered together as I.D.O.4. started the conference by leading the crowd into praise and worship, followed by Ms. Leslie Santos’ message focusing on the significance of the praise and worship activity in strengthening our relationship with God. The second half of the day was directed to further cover the specific needs of the participants. They were segregated according to their respective “specialization” so that each one can concentrate on the applicable topic following this scheme:

Pastoral Music Leadership Pastors and Church Leaders
Taking the Lead: A Worship Leader’s Mission Worship Leaders
The Frontliners’ Battle Vocals
The Heart of a Musician Band
Dancing for God’s Glory Dancers

To ensure the participants’ understanding regarding the topics discussed per section, practical applications were done right after the sessions. The conference was brought into climax by the preaching of Bishop Luis R. Santos and was concluded with a power-packed praise and worship led by Ms. Leslie Santos together with the band and vocals of I.D.O.4. together with the C-Cube dancers.

God’s presence was felt the whole day which made it extraordinarily successful. Unsurprisingly enough, last July 9, barely a month after the pilot conference, a repeat of the said event was held in order to cater to more extension churches. And once again, as expected, the Lord didn’t fail to make the latter program a success. To God be all the glory!

An Important Note: If you were unable to join us last June 11 and July 9, (and thinking that you have to wait another year to finally share in the experience…) pray hard, because despite I.D.O.4.’s hectic preparation for December 9 “Friends Again” concert, a REPEAT conference for a 3rd batch is very possible this September, 2010. So keep visiting this site for updates!