31 Degrees and Escalating!

July 31, with temperature reaching 31 degrees Celsius, the Galilee Mansion and Garden Resort was heaving with eight hundred thirty (830) hopeful participants as they experience another intense night of praise and worship. The Lord moved miraculously and God’s presence was felt by everyone present at the venue…

I.D.O.4. headed for Bustos, Bulacan at 8:00 in the morning of July 31st and went straight to Pastor Somer Bigcas’ home for a visit. He has contracted a serious illness yet he welcomed everyone with a very pleasant smile, ever trusting the Lord for His purpose. We pleaded to the Lord and declared that healing be upon him. This prayer not only encouraged every soul present at that place, but established God’s promise of overflowing miracles that will happen during the concert.


The place where the team stayed was astoundingly delightful and refreshing, coupled with an abundant supply of food and all other necessities that the team needed. We felt the hospitality of the people who gave the best of their time, effort and resources just to express their love for their home church.

In turn, God has rewarded the Bustos satellite church with thirty two (32) souls who were baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. But it doesn’t stop there because we also believe that there are more blessings coming for the Bigcas family. Everyone who attended the concert was fully satisfied with God’s presence “up-to-the-brim”, and it overflowed when the team unexpectedly extended the encore with three (3) more songs. In one of the cameras, an angel-like figure was captured confirming that His angels joined us during the praise and worship.

31 degrees Celsius, on the 31st of July…in a venue without airconditioning units… the scorching heat was easily overturned by God’s overwhelming presence that filled the hearts of the people…To God be all the glory!